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Changsha's Grand Sun City Hotel (Changsha Shennong Dajiudian) is a five-star luxury hotel,  located near Changsha Avenue,  in the southern area of Changsha's commercial center. It takes only 30 minutes drive from the airport and 15 minutes from the railway station.The 26-floor hotel is designed in European style,  and the accommodations are fully equipped with premium amenities.

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住客评论 1076条评论     4.4分/5分 更多
  • competentsun
    Aging of hotel facilities, in front of subway noise
  • e03344136
    Hotel is really good, but slightly less than the outside environment, great!
  • amysun
    The room is not large, but relatively clean. City Centre, surrounded by lively
  • e04016021
    That's good.
  • BEN.C
  • Davidxu999999
    That's good
  • Francis
    It wasn't too bad
  • bellbnu
    So so.
  • vincentmua
    Waiter service was very good.
  • Gaoyx
    Too old, price is not high
  • Cyclam
    Booked the hotel for a friend. departure after friends reported, facilities are good, but mainly in the Metro outside the hotel, a bit noisy. hotel staff service very good, clean the room it is estimated that hotel management intern at the University, very attentive service, deserves a mention.
  • golan
    Established five-star hotels, is a service, or hardware are very good. Changsha travel preferred hotels. Very atmospheric in the lobby, the hotel was filled with the fragrance, it smells good not tacky. elevator slightly too few, only 3 units, with the international five-star is still a little gap. but didn't expect the room very good, stayed in a twin room, bed with 1.2m feet, and the pillow height is moderate, not soft but very comfortable beds. the room well, feel very clean.Petals in the toilet, very comfortable. use American standard bathroom, shower room and a sitting tub. is the bathtub is too small to feel not enough atmosphere, could not take place too big a part. with regard to hardware, and Philips TV is level. Ridicule is breakfast, very good to eat, nothing to eat. that really did not meet five-star standards, staff lazy and clean your desk or roll his eyes. But the lobbyAnd room staff are very polite, efficient, warm and courteous ... especially the one to stay, they prepared the room card in advance, it is rare. as to the location, is still a little too biased, next to the Metro, travel is not too convenient. overall was very satisfactory.
  • joneya
    It's not bad
  • e00214288
    Great, comfortable, very intimate, also sent seeds and white fungus soup and fruit, and strategic location, convenient to attractions, recommended!
  • lily008
    10 years ago in College knows the hotel so famous. check felt good, Manager and staff were very good. Although houses are old and service. go back, waiters pick up trash, tidy the room. hard.
  • CC Highness
    Convenient service
  • bananafox
    Deluxe rotating wall design is innovative, convenient bathroom storage units, things will not be wet.
  • e05399819
    Services are generally
  • e00973863
    Health and a clean environment is also very good
  • ccxxx88888
    Only last month, is to feel good, service and support can continue to choose this hotel.
  • a fda
    Veteran star, is good
  • junwx81
    Very good?
  • sonic121
    I'm used to here!
  • E00229856
    Very good
  • begining1984
    Veteran star, nice facilities, room was a bit old and small, peripheral at the Metro, the environment is a bit of a mess and will be good
  • canoegut
    Old 5 stars! nice! old and maintenance of equipment!
  • allangg
    Looks very old, but it's really good, give me a free upgrade to the Executive floor, lived in many five stars, the some little details I think was quite warm the heart, in the toilet flower bed with candy jar, drawers and map provides, in fact, than many international hotel chains to human use and recommend!
  • e04847991
    Entrance was also in construction, environmental discount, front desk very nice nice, service is five star standards, even the parking lot security guard is, room amenities, though not very new well maintained but has not looked very old, in general it is pleasant to
  • e02611740
    Very good
  • gracegrace5311
    Very nice hotel, equipment and good service.
  • Peng_Feng
    So so
  • riya0427
    Feel good! reception in place! nice
  • boonstra
  • dylan353
    Hotel is good health, service bar, particularly waiters Xiao Qin thoughtful careful, very passionate! next time you come to Changsha will choose the Emperor Shen Nong?
  • claria
    Very good, with a swimming pool, you can have a good relax.
  • a_dai_li
    In Changsha, the second, more than in the first and a lot of surprises; waiters warm notes, sending the red bean porridge, small candies, shops display of slippers, I feel very warm. breakfast very rich. then Changsha, I would live here!
  • leo998
    A price point, and feel, shopping convenience, parking is convenient
  • codytsui
    Good business hotel, in every way. recent front road
  • luoaa1
    Has always been a recall, on political sciences in the next four years, always think of staying in the hotel again, finally to take place.
  • BILL618
    Hotels in Nice
  • wl100608894
    Great 5 star hotel, Changsha!
  • cmRYna
    Good in every way, and next time you set.
  • mammon0120
    A good environment, good health, the transportation is convenient, the service is good
  • adacici2011
    In Changsha is my 'home'
  • de3152
    Veteran star, the facility is a bit old, but the service and hygiene are good, the traffic is convenient, to live at a time
  • Ivy_Yan2010
    Experience one of the oldest five-star hotel, Changsha, is better than the imagined. very well equipped room supplies, clean the room quickly, three fitness swimming free for guests. Metro outside the hotel for many years, also showed that location.
  • sesame
    Very satisfied. 98 for the first time is a persons, arrival and parents over the years, and his daughter and family. family are satisfied. convenient service. daughter's favorite swimming in the hotel.
  • leosney
    Times staying has, each a three mouth to Changsha are is live Shennong, especially son like hotel of swimming pool. this out time long points, staying Hou on put clothes wash has airing in wardrobe in, night back found hotel of waiter small Liu has put clothes to I airing in has dangyang of window side, for specifically pulled has a root rope, also to room in added has take electric card easy ventilation, let we was is was, original has been worried in hotel in laundry fear bad of, really of thanks has Oh! Only somewhat not too comfortable of is, last day of breakfast, we a three mouth to II floor eat, door was a male waiter stopped said only in 2 bit, third bit to additional added money 39 Yuan, is embarrassing of! actually we to here not first times has, each are is a three stuttering breakfast of, just this once was good suddenly of, a 9 age of children can eat how many Ah, this not money of problem Oh. to so said by provides difficult not we a three mouth also to open two a room did, Can you not human, I really want to ask the waiter did he have children? maybe I can't live here anymore, although other aspects I am very satisfied!
  • jemmey
    Hotel, service satisfaction. breakfast
  • asolo
    Nice, nice, very near from Changsha University of.